Jamus Pajamas is a street performer and inventor,

uploading original instrumentation since 2014.

The Fire Doo



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by Adam Bagatavicius


The Short Story...

The journey of a one-man-band

and his impossible performance.

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Heart Pipes

The Heart Pipes are the first bagpipe that allow beatbox and didgeridoo to be played simultaneously by one mind and one heart. 

By welding air pumps within stilts, Jamus Pajamas allows air to be pumped into the bagpipe using only his legs. This ingenious system frees up his mouth so that he can give his re-invented heart-mimicking-bagpipe a vocal beat.


A composer for a rare type of steel drum called the handpan, Jamus Pajamas sets beautiful ambient sounds into motion alongside beatboxing beats.

Both the bagpipe and handpan have only 9 notes in their tone palette, and each of them can be used to achieve exquisite ornamentations and stylistic depth. What the Heart Pipes are to excitement and impressionability, the handpan is to relaxation and beauty.

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A didgeridoo and a magical analog fire instrument invented by Pajamas that lets flames dance to the didgeridoo's sonic wave without technology, speakers, or electronics.

The FireDoo is the most visually spectacular didgeridoo performance on the planet due to the use of physics and the chaos of analog fire systems.  

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Jamus Pajamas engineers architectural beatbox notation software and codes programs that manipulate analog interfaces through sound recognition. This allows him to vocally draw geometrical shapes (image on left) and control flamethrowers (image on right).

He hopes to use this technology to one day help blind people – such as his younger brother – access visual information, and to ultimately facilitate movement through voice recognition.



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